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I have moved!

Finally SakooterSpeaks on its own! Thank you WordPress for letting me host it with you for such a long time, but its time to move on! :) Need a few days to get, set and finally go! inshaAllah!

And thank you to all dear visitors for almost 40,000 visits! 🙂 Keep visiting!


V for Vacation

V for vacation has ended and W for Work begins.

History is written by winners…

So says someone who posted on my FaceBook. And she speaks the truth.

Talking of this truth makes me wonder how much of the ‘history’ that we have read is the truth? And that takes me to another question, ‘what is truth’? Hope I am not confusing you, but it is a logical question I’d say. Continue reading

Osama gone. Who’s next?


Who's the bad guy?

Now that Osama has been officially declared dead, I wonder who is going to be the next ‘bad guy’.

The fight between good and evil always exist (well the good needs to do a lot of good to itself, and needs a bad guy to bear the brunt of it all). We have seen major BIG bad guys defeated – the soviet communists, then the evil Saddam and  recently the Bad Osama. Continue reading

What do I cook today?

What do I cook today

What a question? Some years back, I used to feel so disgusted (and I mean DISGUSTED), when I saw women discuss what they cooked every single day! I mean seriously, when there is so much happening in the world – so many things to ponder upon, why in the world are women stuck to this? (and of course the discussion of other not-so-noble things) Continue reading

I am back!

Well this isn’t the first time I have written I am back, or as I read a tweet from Rubban, BRB – my brb didn’t quite become a brb all this while. Where have I been? I have been hibernating…and that’s the closest I can get to explaining my absence.

I have been here.. online most of the time but still not writing. My train of thoughts that are so sakooterish went hidden somewhere.. and I just couldn’t get myself to write. I guess there have been too many changes that life has brought. And seriously, its good to be back.  I haven’t rummaged at my key board like this for ages. Continue reading

I havent been writing?

Why? is a good question, but not all whys have answers that are going to come to them automatically!

It feels like ages since I wrote! Well I do write, coz that is what I get paid for, but that is different… blogging is different!

Anyways, the weather round here is so very nice today. It is indeed a treat to all fasting here! Ramadan Kareem!

I wish to write more. and InshaAllah I will.
🙂 Am I being optimistic?