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Cinema in Kashmir

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Of all the things I lost
I miss my mind the most.

One million Du’aa campaign

One million Du’aa campaign

Let’s put our hands together and give one day for our Islamic nation (Ummah)

Dear Brothers & Sisters

If you really care about the Muslims’ Blood in Iraq , Palestine and
every where else so please contribute with us in the International
day for supporting the Muslims

The participation is very easy as follow:

Fasting Monday 2nd of July 2007 (For those
who can fast).

Du’aa after each prayer in that day and especially at the time of
Eftar. The Duaa is to ask Allah to unify Muslim Um’ah ,and to save
Muslims’ blood.

Participating in telling the other brothers and sister about this

Dearest brothers and sisters

Please be positive and participate in this day. We are around 1.3
billion Muslim , can not we find one million whom will fast and make
Du’aa. May Allah accept one of them.

Send this letter and participate in that day.

Translate this letter to the language you now and send it to all
Muslims .

Be one of the Million Muslims on that day.

Got this in an email. And why not…. lets ask the Almighty to help us out.
Nasrun min Allahi wa fathun qareeb.

The Greater Kashmir Problem.

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Kill Rushdie.

Killing Rushdie is something that should have been done a long time back. Simple as that. He will die when he has to die. He can go and shoot himself and it would be perfect.

But Rushdie doesn’t bother me. He is a pathetic blob of protoplasm that should just evaporate from this planet.

What bothers me is the height of patheticness that entitles Rushdie to knighthood — and that too for Satanic verses – a book filled with filth. A book where everyone is abused and has no literary value.

Pathetic indeed. I am disgusted. The Queen of England has a gross taste in books. Yuck!

Enduring Freedom?

I find the idea of enduring freedom very confusing. Freedom isn’t anything that we ‘endure’ or bear with… it is supposed to be the one thing that we all wish for.

But then.. to think of it.. one would have to endure ‘freedom’ if the freedom is not your’s .. but someone else’s and .. it somehow infringes upon your rights.

Well maybe that’s what Operation Endure Freedom is all about. The Afghans bearing with American freedom to do just about anything….

The US-led coalition – under the banner of Operation Enduring Freedom – is a counter-terrorism mission that involves mainly special forces.[bbc]

Passenger Shed.

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