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11 responses to “The Photography Page

  1. Abu Sadat Nurullah

    The pictures are really great. I sometimes try to take pics like these, but was never so sharp. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much. I am glad you liked the pics.. 🙂

  3. The photographer is sharp so why cant the pictures be..

    ‘so sharp’

  4. hahahahaha 🙂 thanks mamoom!

    btw. keep up the good work with Eldin Blaze

  5. Have always loved the pictures you took, dearling…as they always inspire me to write!!! 😉

  6. @aimy
    Write and express yourself. This is one of the little and yet powerful way of making a difference.

  7. hey masallah, i love the whole concept of this site!!!Never knew about the sakooter thing…..Masallah its niz to see such blogs…

    keep up the gud wrk!!!!!

  8. @Humaira
    Thank you so much for going through. Do come back and read often. 🙂 JazakAllahuKhairan!

  9. was searching web for some real and spicy info from my homeland and got a link to this site…
    great stuff!! especially pics and blogs…
    what exactly this sakooter is all about??

  10. Allow me to write for the Sakooter..

    Sakooter is nothing but a style.. some views here and there by someone very admired and talented..

    Its not a blog which will soon to be proud of boasting 10000 hits but a way of life (For some)

    I hope you understood..

    And sakooter, try to reply to the posts.. it adds more fun..

  11. Thank you QM. 🙂 really appreciate your kind words.

    I am flattered. Can you see me grin?

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