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Sheen pyow… Prayer answered.. sort of…

Yesterday, I had had enough.. of the dry winter spell.. and as I read GK today I saw that Kashmiris in general have had enough…

There had been prayers held in Jama Masjid for rain and snow.. and this morning as the clouds  showed up. I saw the initial raindrops with hope and a bit of caution (i have been fooled before into believing it would snow…).. And then it started snowing.. very small flakes of snow mixed with rain.. I had my colleagues wish me “Nov Sheen Mubarak” — but I was skeptical… I waited for snow to actually cover everything in its white..

But it wasn’t even an hour.. and it stopped snowing… snow  cheated us again..

I can only say.. our prayers were answered… well.. sort of…

Think about it.

The Messenger of Allaah
(peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:
‘The people should be led in prayer by the one among them who has the most knowledge of the Book of Allaah;
 if they are equal in knowledge of the Qur’aan,
 then by the one who has most knowledge of the Sunnah;
 if they are equal in knowledge of the Sunnah,
then by the one who migrated (made hijrah) first;
if they are equal in terms of hijrah,
then by the one who became Muslim first.
No man should lead another in prayer
in his domain of authority, or sit in his place in his house,
except with his permission.”
(Narrated by Muslim, 673)
(Think about it, with reference to the imams in our local mosques in Kashmir.)

Snow plz!

Sheena pyatow pyatow…

Its 4th of January, 15 days into Chillay Kalaan — temperature in Kashmir is freezing — and it is a dry winter. There is no snow.

With temperature going down to minus 7 in Srinagar, the Dal has frozen.

[frozen Dal. -- in Greater Kashmir.]

And people look up in wonder hoping for snowfall. A snowless winter has great implications for Kashmir — for snow shall come — but at an abnormal time.

Last year also saw almost no snow throughout the winter, and then when it snowed, spring had already made an entry into the Kashmiri life. The first blossoms of spring had to shrivel and die in snow. And as it was March already, the snow melted sooner than it would have, had it snowed in winter. There was flood. And it was followed by a hot and humid summer.

If the weather patterns in Srinagar will change, it will drastically affect the lifestyle of Kashmir.

In spite of the fact that snow makes things very difficult for Kashmiris, one cant help but say out.. “Sheena Pyatow Pyatow”….

A year of wordpress

A year on wordpress. I had created my first blog (just created it without really contributing to it much, many years back.) It was motivation by a friend (you know who you are) who got me started with blogging. My sakooterspeaks on blogsource generated quite some interest and I got more into the blogosopher. There were problems with the service provider which had me decide on moving on to a different service provider — and wordpress I chose.

Blogging on wordpress has certainly been without any issues. There have been times when I had 3/4 posts written in a day and there have been times when I have practically hibernated and disappeared with not a thought to put in words…

Its 2008 and I see the archives going back to 2007 January and I say to myself — a year on wordpress!

I read the earlier posts and its sort of like a diary — tracing my thought process over a year — and yet maybe a way to record history.

Whenever I read history, I think that history is recorded by the winners — and it is hard to understand the past from the common man’s perspective. Blogging is certainly changing it all. For each post is history recorded — from just about anybody’s perspective.

The thought makes me smile and wonder what it would be like to read history say a 100 years from now…