Men’s rights in Islam.

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16 responses to “Men’s rights in Islam.

  1. Mubashir Hameed

    A/a Writer,
    Well, you have written a good very good article on “Men’s Right in Islam”. I really appreciate it. The best part of this article is reference quotes from Surat “Nisa”(Women in Arabic Language).

    There are many other rights in Islam regarding men and i suggest you put them all. That will make people(men) understand well about their rights. Also, that will make people(Men) understand to respect Women folk.

    Allah Bless You Sister,

  2. Abu Sadat Nurullah

    The main point here, in my view, is that in terms of responsibilities, men and women play complementary roles (I’m taking structural functionalist point of view from sociology). But in terms of rights, both are the same. That’s the beauty of it.

  3. So true..Men too have their duties like women though the roles may be different..Islam is the only religion to give equality and we should respect it ..such articles should be encouraged!

  4. Liberal Indian

    Good one. Can you also write on why women in Saudi Arabia, the heart of Islam, have so many fewer rights than men? Is it because those mullahs haven’t really read the script properly? Just wondering…

  5. First, we are dealing with a generalization (and its just a matter of different yardsticks to measure rights – e.g. while I consider wearing Hijab my right, some might consider it curtailment of right ).

    However, I do agree that women in Saudi (or for that matter anywhere) are not given all the rights that are due to them.

    The reasons are pretty simple – ignorance, ignorance, ignorance – on part of both men and women.

    • I agree completely, Islam is not the only culture that fails to adhere to women’s natural God given rights, it does gain the most attention because muslim women in this day an age are seen as functioning under prehistoric’ notions of womynhood (which I’m not totally in agreement with) but one cannot ignore the reality of the state of muslim womynhood, it is under attack by patriarchy. Patriarchy which exists without regards to religion. Sure the Quran warrants women’s equality, but to be honest what does that really mean if it goes unanswered by the larger muslim population?

  6. Without mentioning the right that men have on their wives to the full extent we have done some injustice. And although ignorance and evil has pushed us all towards what is wrong and there are very limited living examples of what living right would be, Islam has provided the solution. Pleasing the husband to the extent that her salat is not accepted with his displeasure. This means a sincere and continuous effort to earn that pleasure. With the limit being that she cannot displease Allah to please him.

  7. @Ameer
    It is truly unfortunate, that men conveniently remember only those ‘sayings’ which are so very flattering to their egos.

    I make it very clear that the post is NOT comprehensive. To do justice to the topic, requires that I do a proper research and I write a book. But till I write the book, this was meant to be a little something to remind men that their rights on women dont come without corresponding duties; and also to remind the women of the way Islam caters to their special needs.

    Please correct me where I am wrong. And please quote ahadith where you wish to add a point. I am quite skeptical about the pro-men ‘sayings’ that are attributed to the Prophet (saw).

    and well, Ramadan Kareem!

  8. Nice article.

  9. wallahi, you did not make justice to the subject, not at all. Either you write with enough knowledge about it or not.
    If I were you, i would trace the history of the subject; how it was made and remade to appear as if the Quran has said this (specifically this not that) way of life. Some people say that Islam is the most secular religion on earth because it is all in the hands of its people. if that is so, then who are these people? what kinds of power relation was dominant? and why? for what political and economic reasons. Doing such research will allow you to look beyond religion or islam….after all, islam is like any system of ideas, can be used/ abused by its people and others. Currently it is the latter usage, both by its people and others.
    thanks any for sharing your views.

  10. How does the man prevent himself becoming a walking pay check for his wivies? They can get a free ride in life because they are female. They can do nothing at home.

  11. Dear Brother,
    Thank you for writing such a beautiful article. But i would say that the title of the article is misguiding. As it suggests “the rights of men” but you have discussed only their duties. none of the rights have been discussed. Feel a little disappointed abt it.

    • 🙂 Dear Brother,
      Rights and duties work together and these are linked. I shall write more.. 🙂 inshaAllah we can add up and write more about the duties and the rights together..

  12. Allaha know better and Allah is All-Knower, All- Wise.

  13. Allah know better and Allah is All-Know er, All- Wise.

  14. hey, well done skooter…..iam a christian male, from Pakistan and i was just doing a research on the rights of men and women in different religions, and i came across this article, your article is just amazing!

    truly, after reading this article my respect for Islam has increased more. thanks to you again! God bless you!

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