Kashmir’s Azadi…

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  1. Nice to see you back in action!

  2. Welcome back bajee!!

    “Ofcourse the voilence came from the Indian side who did not flinch from using ammunition against unarmed masses who had taken to a peaceful protest.”

    And you know what the national news say!! Peaceful protests in Jammu; violence in srinagar! Army fire in defence

  3. Scooter back on track….

  4. hai all readers


    So,Sakooter,what ever you are,and who you are, I dont know.But one thing is evident clearly you are anti Indian.So be it.

    Media is quit biased material and so do History books as they have been influenced by respective financers.Well internet added a new dimension of “unanonymity”,so now people started misusing it.Well we can track IP addresses but not everyone is efficient for it,and I am not interested although I can track.Thus Internet proves to be worst of all when it comes to gather information,especially on controversial matters.

    So people!!! I am suggesting you when you go through any media ,apply your brain and rationality before forming any conclusion.And blogs!!Damn them!!!!Although gaining popularity,but contains highly personalized and biased information so might be well far away from truth!!!they are only good for administrative and other constructive purposes only where there is no controversy.

    now coming to the background of this writing.I was searching for Jammu agitation and land up first,

    and then


    and then whole net of associated blogs.This net let me think how Internet can be misused.After saying that ,I would appreciate that anti-Indians have managed their blogs well than pro-Indians.Also anti-Indians are more in numbers.So, I guess they DONT HAVE ANY WORK or APPOINTED BY SOMEONE TO DO SO.Therefore, I finally give cheers for pro-Indians for their engagement in work which paves way to prosperity, and also that nobody is appointed them to do so ,thus three cheers for India!!!!

    Now coming to main purpose,

    Already ,I have written for my partial view on kashmir PSEUDOINDEPENDENCE CRY in



    a topic started there for defaming Mahatma gandhi.

    so, no more repeating and I am in no mood to complete it,now.It is like “play flute to buffalo and it still sits coolly”.

    Now,focusing more on point,going through this whole anti-Indian blog net and associated referenced sources,I found many scenarios (I call them pseudo scenarios) which looked truthful at first read,revealed many contradictions at second careful read.At some points they tried to make them very truthful but failed miserably.

    My good suggetion to these anti-Indians .

    You have to mention your source of reference,whether it is primary data or secondary data ,with temporal aspects,with perfect URIs and/or addresses,source person/organisation,Citations etc., when you claiming some facts or incidents one a controversial point.

    At least, I am not a fool.

    Now Being as Plainest as possible,

    After reading on Kashmir history and its issue through trustworthy sources and also through your blogs and associated references upto two weeks and giving a serious thought on it,I have to say that Kashmir problem started by lust of Power of Hari singh,who did not noticed written on the wall and tried not to merge to anybody initially.
    And then well nourished by Muslim fanatics of Kashmir&India and Pakistan govt. and culminated now in larger Muslim fanaticism and selfishness due to India government softness and non planning and Muslim appeasement policy.

    Let me clear at this point that I am not against Islam as many of my muslim friends are really good.When I be with them I fill no difference.

    But still it is a true thing that major muslims are problem creaters and are hard in their religious belief.It is seen all over world.Islam is only religion in the world which feel good about killing other religion people.

    Coming to Kashmir point,it seems that laddakhies,jammuities,lehieties dont have any problem with India only valley people has(as you saying).So any wise people can understand true reason behind it.

    Better you all go to pakistan or so called azad kashmir(which nobody recognises).Otherwise,If you fanatics continuing like this, then time will come when India will match 6 Klashnikoves per head of you fanatics and throw you in arabian sea,and not a single Indian will regret about It.If pak also want to take same treatment India will be glad to do so.

    I will always regret why My govt. spends far less of GDP rupees on me than on you fanatic and selfish guys.sooner or later we will change this ratio and make free our motherland from you fanatics.

    now I am finishing my writing, and I may never return to your anti Indian blogs for providing you one additional click hit and traffic and wasting my time over untrustworthy informative resource presented here,I WANT TO SAY INNOCENT UNBIASED VISITORS THAT GIVE SOME THOUGHT ABOUT MY WRITING ESPECIALLY MEDIA CRITIC PARA AND LEAVE THIS BLOG NET AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


  5. salaams baji..long time no see.. hope u remember me well…… 😉
    well this guy vasudeo seems to me an idiot and ignorant guy who just like any other nationalist cannot see others saying bad about his so called demo(n)cratic motherland, even many of the things ..well most of the things.. well all of the things i should say atleast are correct in its own sense.. well i am so amazed that even in presence of his many muslim friends he didnt learn a single thing called LEARNING WITH UNDERSTANDING.. bro let me tell u one thing.. and that should be enough to shut u up.. not all the things in this world are based on logic.. u will need to read a lot.. but since it seems that u dont give a damn to thing called “understanding”.. i feel pity for an individual like u.. so go and do whatever u want.. but all u will get is banging ur head in wall and expecting the wall to move, but u will only hurt urself in the process.. i hope u got me.. :-0

  6. Vasudeo

    After reading on Kashmir history and its issue through trustworthy sources and also through your blogs and associated references upto two weeks and giving a serious thought on it.

    You need to spend more than upto TWO weeks to even begin understanding anything to do with something Kashmir, let alone come to conclusions.

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