An excuse for falling asleep at work…

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4 responses to “An excuse for falling asleep at work…

  1. Hi Asma, it is good to read this post.

    I knew it somehow, but this is an writing presenting of what I think it is, its great.

    for modern ppl, we are working long hours, napping in the middle of day could help us in continuing the day until the end.

    Chinese says “I rest because I wanted to continue working on what I am doing now.”


  2. I think our formula here will give HARRY LORRAINE a tough time 🙂

    I could never work or study for extended periods of time so i always took (welcome) breaks…a lot of them … in between.
    Didn`t improve my memory though, coz i never slept… (should have read your post earlier i guess)
    But it always helped to keep up the intensity. Every single time!

  3. just a question what happens to insomniac????

  4. i sleepless from last 10 years
    hardly one hour or less in 24 hours
    American doctor said its impossible sick man return his fee
    No one belive me
    what asick world

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