How to poison your mother in law.

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8 responses to “How to poison your mother in law.

  1. Well said…

    in my opinion 99% times the real reason behind the sustained problems in a mother-in-law — daughter-in-law relationship is the husband`s dereliction towards his duty.
    It`s his delinquency that actually propagates into his family.

    Apart from all the other things you have mentioned, he needs to be a “punchbag” …
    you punch it and you let your feelings out 🙂

  2. Abu Sadat Nurullah

    Very true.

    However, the daughter-in-law also needs to have good and caring mentality towards the family members of her husband.

  3. Salam Asma. How have you been? was surprised to find out that you were married and gone back home from M*****. Hmm,, interesting article, but not all daughter in laws and mother in laws get along well. so what do we do with those kind of situations. Poiosn both or poison one of them. take care …

  4. Hi Asma, by reading the story of Li Li I feel very touching, its all about attitude.

    With your permission, I would like to put this article in my page as well, please email me.


  5. Hey Istaq,
    Long time! 🙂 Good to see u here. Hope things have been good with u.

    U take care and drop by often. 🙂

    Go ahead spread the good word. 🙂

  6. Flexibility and compromise is the key to every successful relatioship.(mutually).,,,,,,,,,,,,

  7. I like this topic, espacially chinese part. We all know what islam is saying about obeying husband, parents but we always ignore when we are in question…we muslims are becoming clever day by day.When someone else is doing wrong we raise islamic alarm but when we are doing the same we put that in another tone.My friends it is but obvious that when you are trying to be polite & humble with your mother-in-law or father-in-law then some one else will be alse trying to be polite & humble with your mother and father..this is a law of nature…Every mother is a mother-in-law and every father is a father-in-law at some place.
    My point is that it is a duty of every son or daughter to have love and respect for their parents and in-laws at the same time.It is their duty to guide their parents if they are not behaving well with the bride at your own home. Every good deed starts from home…..fee amaan-il-aaah

  8. I do not understand where the part of us muslims being “clever” and raising the Islamic alarm comes here.

    It would be a nice idea to not look at everything with such a negative outlook.

    The story is simple. A beautiful story that speaks of how the intelligent man solved the problem. Just because the story talks of Chinese people it doesnt mean that such problems occur in China only. Not to speak of the fact that a Chinese could be a Muslim too.

    The idea of putting the Islamic perspective after that simply reinforces the need for being nice to the parents in law as a religious duty.

    There is no Islamic alarm raised. Rest assured. 🙂

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