Yay! Its spring!

I noticed the first flowers of Spring.

Yes! Spring has announced its arrival. With the sun shining brightly, as if smiling down on us. The gentle breeze carrying with it the scent of the first flowers of spring.

I saw a few daffodils bloom and I know there is going to be a splash of colors around me soon.

A bright colorful environment .. . oh! Its spring!


5 responses to “Yay! Its spring!

  1. I wish I was there. The funny part is that I can, I just need to quit what I’m doing here in Toronto, back my bags and go. But once I get there, what will I do for money and work? I even have a house waiting for me in Nageen.

    Life is confusing.

  2. I am missing it too! 🙂 Good to see it through your camera 🙂

  3. aww…these things are so nostalgic.
    Nice blog bro.

    keep up the good work,
    God bless

  4. Nice pics , Post some more if u have.
    I am comming and i am so glad about it. Really looking forward to this spring trip.

    @Sameer it would be Sister instead:)

  5. Thanks. Have been lately busy at work.. didnt get time to click some new pics yet. But yes, I cant help but wish that I had time to walk through the garden Kashmir turns into and spend time with the flowers as they bloom into spring.

    The flowers have blossomed. Its spring.

    Oh! Spring is in the air!

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