Manners of talking in the light of the Quran.

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7 responses to “Manners of talking in the light of the Quran.

  1. Indeed the best lives are those that are lived under the guidance of QURAN…
    …only that the humans realise it too late!

  2. Ancheal Sharma

    The kind of ideas you are sharing through your website is marvelous!!!
    These manners are not only implemented or enforced on Muslims but for entire human kinds whether they are Indian, Kashmiri, Pakistani or from any other region….It can acquiescent a challenge on all human beings and also following these manners as your daily routine will definitely prevent us from noxious ideas and dirty thoughts !!! And all other riots….sooner or later people on this earth will realize about these duties till then KEEP IT UP
    Bless u

  3. good job…..

  4. Thank you.
    For reading and commenting.

    Someone sure did a good job compiling this list. I just did my job of sharing it with all of you. 🙂

  5. StrangeSilence

    Wonderful word with a universal message. But alas, not many Muslims practice this behaviour now. May almighty guide us towards the path that invites His blessings and not His wrath.

  6. salamun alaikum warahmah!Amazing job, gurl!!!the best of all islamic practices is “tableeg” and i thnk u r doin that wonderfully!
    May Allah(SWT) help you and bless you and all of us with Iman-i-kaamil!(aameen)…
    Asma, i dont find any link to regster for this website..shall i have to register or i have to post as such, everytime i enter the site..i intend to b a regular member from kindly guide..
    wassalam warahmah!

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