The Koshur Vegies

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9 responses to “The Koshur Vegies

  1. hi,,monji are called kohlrabi …

  2. hehe. . nadur monji is chilly corn flour coated lotus stem cooked in reusable oil high in trans fats..

    good post sakooter.

    if want to google then search for wopal haakh..

  3. Well I remember we used to call “bomtchoonth” – firebrigade apple!

    Will research on the real name and come back 🙂

  4. bamtsunth is quinceapple..

  5. And congratulations 10000 hits MashaAllah… keep going..

  6. Alternatively Monji Goul will be knol khol bullets 😛

  7. whats hakh in english…. collard greens?

  8. nun chaye te sheermal sote pamperich nabrie chu sheen ghatkar luck ahsan wine shagthe. mai kya shaginsha be chame panas nun chaye 😛

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