25 Beautiful one liners

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7 responses to “25 Beautiful one liners

  1. I love the last point, I think life is simple, its we who make it complex.

    And when I think of Kashmir, this complexity knows no bounds there.

  2. Abu Sadat Nurullah

    I like no. 5, 6, 8….. actually most of them.
    Quite interesting way of presenting things. 🙂

  3. all of them are just so apt. 🙂 MashaAllah somebody smart did a good work thinking of them. May Allah reward him/her.

  4. well how about these ones..

    A Friend in need is Allah indeed..

    Roses are red, the sky maybe blue.. Heaven is waiting, but only for few..

    Exhibition and sale.. Buy Jannat with charity and get more to spend..

    That makes it 27..

  5. ¨Somebody did a good work thinking of them¨ Who is this ¨somebody¨ and does n´t he/she deserve a mention on the main page ?

  6. yes, that somebody did a brilliant job..

    well JazakAllah..

    the sakooter should find some more jewels in the inbox.. it is no use keeping them there..

  7. @Sajad
    I am afraid I dont know who wrote these. I got it as one forwarded email. But I thought it is worth reading, so put it here for you all.

    Sharp as always! Yes I love the two you came up with.
    I havent been updating the blog .. but i will try to squeeze some time inshaAllah.

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