The long pause.

Its been a long time since I posted … Been busy with things.. and more importantly thinking and rethinking things.. 🙂

Its Ramadan and I havent wished my readers Ramadan Mubarak, so here I am


Hope you all are blessed this Ramadan.

InshaAllah I will write again… soon.. inshaAllah.

The blogger of this blog has paused, needs some overhauling that sakooters do at times.. but will be back writing and writing and writing.. inshaAllah..

In the meanwhile, while you all are busy with reading Quran, Solat, and doing all the good deeds with an extra Ramadan fervor, remember me in your Duas.

And more importantly, make dua for the Muslims around the globe, including your Kashmiri brethren.

Ramadan Kareem once again.

2 responses to “The long pause.

  1. Abu Sadat Nurullah

    Ramadan Kareem,
    and Welcome back in the blogsphere.

    May Allah bless us all in this Ramadan.

  2. Ramadan mubarak to u too.

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