I am sad.

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8 responses to “I am sad.

  1. i too became sad while trying to read it from top to bottom. its the height of saddness, i didn’t read all of the saddness. i dont want to read saddness anymore, because it makes me too sad.

  2. Life is a test

    Salaams,,…. hahahaha…. its so bad that i am laughing on this topic but still i am sad that nobody really understands the thing behind Y DO PEOPLE BECOME SAD??? u have an answer, if so, then u are also among the ones who are SAD…. ;-p… hahahahahaha

  3. Sadist- Hippy???

    Sad.. People have always asked me to not talk about sadness…

    But I think we should not run away from sadness. Or even try to hunt for Happiness…

    I believe in Satisfaction. Thats what one can strive for. What one gets in life is not entirely in his/her control so why care about that… Care about what they can do and what they ultimately do… If they do enough , even if the results are not that flowery… thay will stay satisfied!!!!

    Just a quick question:
    Who is more satisfied – The owner sitting on the back seat of a Mercedes Benz or a House Cleaner who is cleaning? Think Again!!

  4. I am sad as well 😐

  5. The madness of this world
    Cannot be conquered
    By the sadness or the power
    Of the world,
    But only by the oneness
    Of the world – HEART
    ..can heart make the world different?

  6. Well, now I don’t know what I am.

    But since its Ramadan, I am hungry 🙂

  7. I believe the sadness within the world is more because of a choice we have made .We choose to bear with life not even trying to make our lives worth living.Trying to be do what we want ,going by what we believe and leaving the rest to God,
    I believe it would make us feel better but instead we choose to go by the rules of the society.

    Trying doesnt necessarily mean succeeding but it is the first step towards happiness,it will definitely make us feel better, and is definitely better than wasting away our lives purposelessly!God has sent us into this world for a reason ,so lets try to make it worthy.

    And last but not least sakooter keep it up,u make

    us proud of you,,,,,,

  8. Asma Jami is one of those people who have touched my heart and been a pillar of support when much was needed. 🙂

    I am honored to have her read this blog!

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