Rapes by “Security Forces”

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7 responses to “Rapes by “Security Forces”

  1. well u wrote about Azad… hah…. he is one of the installed pupets of so called worlds biggest democracy. He can do nothing on his own, he is just following the orders of his bosses sitting in Delhi. As far as barbaric acts of Indian occupation forces are concerned, they are following the same what they have been asked to do. Further, i wanna tell u one thing…. As long as we are slaves, we should not expect better response from them..

  2. As a Kashmiri living in Canada how can I help this situation? Let me know.

  3. Dear nobody can help us, its only Allah who can do something….

  4. A word on that:
    God helps those who help the themselves.

    Allah does not change the condition of a people, until they change….

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  6. we kashmiris have to suffer and suffer.How can anyone expect miracles.On one hand we run the govt under the constitution of India and on the hand want freedom.As long as we are divided among ourselves,we have to suffer.
    We need build a character of Prophets before expecting miracles.Untill then we all day dream.

  7. I highly enjoyed reading your post, keep up making such exciting articles.

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