Cinema in Kashmir

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7 responses to “Cinema in Kashmir

  1. If this is an old picture, what is so eye opening? If it’s recent, then it is.

  2. BTW, you should add me to the list of “Kashmiri Bloggers” because I am Kashmiri and I am a blogger….

  3. Arsenalist:

    It’s an old picture.


    Thanks for a peek into the past, today at this place is a bunker and a burnt building.

    A sad reflection on our past, a past that should have secured our future, it did not, but we will, so that our future does not look us down.

  4. Kashmir has a lot more be restored to it than a Palladium and a Regal.The most urgent being faith in today and hope for tomorrow.

  5. Zee, lets drop the abstraction and start with some landmarks. Maybe open up Pari Mahal and go from there. The process of restoring hope/faith must start somewhere and landmarks aren’t a bad place to start. We’ll worry about the politics later.

  6. i too have this picture my wife showed it to me

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