Passenger Shed.

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8 responses to “Passenger Shed.

  1. I will say i\only a few words.
    I am a fan of your’s.

  2. Hope I am not breaking my promise of not saying another word… but well I HAVE to respond…

    Mir Nazim…
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    🙂 I am flattered!

    Well… There isn’t much to it. It’s a passenger shed – meant for people to wait for the buses. Something new on Srinagar roads that I wanted to share with you!

  3. I really love Kashmir. Its my dream to go there because i’ve only seen it on the internet

  4. Why the hell did they call it a shed? A shed sounds like something where your tools or sheep are kept. Shouldn’t have called it anything, its obvious what it is.

  5. Liberal Indian

    Cattle shed? haa haa – it was funny.

  6. wonder whether such things are ever meant to be waited in..

    btw in kashmiri its called a …(fill in d blank)…

  7. Preeti,
    You are most welcome. Kashmiris are a hospitable folk.

    – On Passenger Shed…
    Irony at its height. They call it a passenger shed. And you can guess why?

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