KASHMIR – education at its best!

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5 responses to “KASHMIR – education at its best!

  1. Abu Sadat Nurullah

    This is also the scenario in many Muslim countries, unfortunately.

  2. I went to school in Kashmir: Greenland which was pretty much a a”Zabri Zet” school and also Biscoe along with Model School. The curriculum was very tough and the teachers unforgiving and uncaring. I honestly don’t really have any great educational memories from any of the schools and can safely say that I didn’t learn what I was supposed to be learning.

    But having said that, I know a lot of Kashmiris who have come to Toronto (where I now live) and have been admitted in universities and are doing excellent, some are even at the top of their class. They have a solid theoretical foundations in engineering and sciences are are doing very well here. I’ve also heard of similar success stories in Saudi, Dubai and England.

    So even though I agree with you that the education system is flawed (not enough holidays, too much pressure, bad syllabuses), it is still capable of producing high quality and although it can be argued that a reform is needed, the current system is producing results. Maybe these results aren’t reflected locally because there isn’t a job market, economy or potential for graduates to showcase their skills, but the education system is still producing students that have a high degree of knowledge.

  3. I agree that Kashmiris have excelled outside of state – but I would not credit the educational system for that.

    I think the credit goes to the individuals who have worked hard to achieve that. Kashmiris, alhamdulillah, are rather bright and it is mainly their own individual hard work that pays off when they do that well.

  4. Kashmir the paradise on earth.Kashmir the eternal beauty.Kashmir the land of Apples.Kashmir the land of lofty snow mountains.Kashmir is the best.This is my true wish that kashmir may prosper and flourish like the past forever.Ameeen

  5. i ‘ve suffered 2 as other individuals in kashmir because of narrow educational spectrum n low exposure.the educational system in kashmir must be revised if its standard is to be elevated.

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