Does God Exist?

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4 responses to “Does God Exist?

  1. Abu Sadat Nurullah

    Yeah, that is a very convincing answer.

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  3. Ummm…… Even people who “come to God” endure pain and suffering. This little story indirectly implies that if you come to God you won’t suffer but thats obviously not true.

    Also, suffering and pain in this world might not be a bad thing when you factor in the afterlife. But thats another topic.

  4. Very true. But then from what I understand the sufferings that we are talking about is at a more global level. As a whole, if humanity were to submit to God, the sufferings would certainly lessen.

    At an individual level, I agree, the time horizon must extend to cover the hereafter – and only then can really be justice be seen. 🙂

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