Bad Scarf (hijab) Day…

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5 responses to “Bad Scarf (hijab) Day…

  1. macha_allah cette fille 7smnikoum bzaf c pa la peine den rajouté ok!!!!!!

  2. Everyone has a right to dress the way they want so if a Muslim woman wants to wear a hijab she should be able to

  3. Bad hijab day usually happens when you are getting late, or you want to make sure ( like if you are going to a party ) that it stays put and stays perfect longer.

    I guess square scarfs give more of this problem. The rectangular ones are usually easier, the only issue with them being that they sometimes make you look like “thool”.

  4. I thinks hijab pins is the solution to most scarf tying problems as they make life so much easier

  5. DONT let your hijabs be martyrd with safety pins. Got to They sell coiless saftey pins which dont ruin your hijabs!

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