Double Standards…

A world of double standards, and many sub-standards.
This is the world we live in.

From the individual level to that of nations, we have a different set of rules (undefined, unexplainable, illogical, absurd) for different entities belonging to seemingly same category.

We the claimants of being ‘intelligent’ beings, behave so unintelligently, that animals certainly (with their limited intelligence) would mock at us, if they understood. Or maybe they do mock at us, and we don’t understand…

Let us look at a case in today’s news…

5 taleban men were released in exchange for Mr Mastrogiacomo (the Italiano), and Mr Naqshbandi’s (the Afghani) was killed, because (ironically, the Afghani) government didn’t think it fit to negotiate for his life.

And all the ‘president’ Karzai has to say is:

“[Mr Mastrogiacomo] was an extraordinary situation and won’t be repeated again,” Mr Karzai said on Friday. “No more deals with no-one and with no other country.” BBC

Human life is precious. All humans are equal. — umm.. maybe…

When nationality, or color makes life of one human being more important than others.. what would you call it? Sick double standards.

But then… This is what the world is like. United States, the big upholder and spokesperson for human rights, went and bombed and killed thousands of innocent Afghanis, to capture ‘one’ man, who they had ‘proof’ against (which even after so many years after the war the world is yet to see)… and the rest of the world is deaf, dumb and blind.


oh please.. I cant help but comment on this:

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Shias have gathered in the holy city of Najaf for a mass demonstration calling for US-led troops to leave Iraq. BBC

I would ask why? Weren’t the US-led troops (supposedly) welcome earlier on?

And they actually thought US-led troops were there because they, out of their ‘kindness’ wanted to come to Iraq to save them???

How naive can we get?

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