Who fancied what a pretty sight?

Another beautiful poem by Wordsworth:

Who fancied what a pretty sight
This rock would be if edged around
With living snow-drops? Circlet bright!
How glorious to the orchard ground!
Who loved the little Rock and set
Upon its head this coronet?

Was it the humour of a child?
Or rather of some gentle maid,
Whose brows, the day that she was styled
The shepherd-queen, was thus arrayed?
Of man mature, or matron sage?
Or old man toying with his age!

I asked – ‘twas whispered; the device
To each and all mightwell belong:
It is the spirit of Paradise
That prompts such work, a spirit strong,
This gives to all the self-same bent
Where life is wise and innocent.

– William Wordsworth


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