Who wants Farooq Abdullah’s blood?

Farooq Abdullah — one man who generates lot of emotion by his very name. A man who is so much a part of the [dirty] politics of Kashmir. A man who stands out and has been much talked of…. I am sure everyone has heard some stories…


He was the son of that great Shiekh Abdullah.. When I say great, bear in mind that irrespective of the fact that many kashmiris feel betrayed by him, he was still the only ‘leader’ that had the charisma to move the masses. Kashmir has yet to see anyone who can stand up to that level.

And he is the father of Umar Abdullah… the young man who [seemingly] makes more sense than many others.. atleast for the sake of just words…


Farooq Abdullah…
Do you want his blood?

well if u do, here is the good news… Farooq Abdullah is on a blood donation drive:



One response to “Who wants Farooq Abdullah’s blood?

  1. god knows what his blood is infected with

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