Ummah Enslaved

We are the Muslim Ummah
Slaves of Kufr!

We sit back and cry
As our brethren die
Yet, some of us are so great
That we start cursing the Muslim fate
Among us, there are some more
Who remark; “Muslims! There is no cure!”
While there are others least concerned?
When Muslims are killed and their houses burned

We are the Muslim Ummah?
Slaves of Kufr!

Muslims are we, proud we stand
Islam: its essence- we hardly understand!
O’ yes we had a great past
But no! Our future seems lost!
We used to be rulers, the leaders of the world
But today, enslaved! Laughing stock of the world
There was a time when we caused awe
Today we think of surviving each day

We are the Muslim Ummah?
Slaves of Kufr!

Some of us just don’t care
Miserable souls, got nothing to share
Our neighbour dies: we shut the doors
What Ummah? I cry, ” WHERE is that force?”
Muslims arise, you indifferent slaves
With what face, will ye face your graves?

We are the Muslim Ummah?
Slaves of Kufr!

With colonised minds, ready to prostate
In front of any power, lesser than The Great.
Lets face it!
We’re no better than the cattle in the meadow
Like grass, bending wherever the wind blows

We are the Muslim Ummah?
Slaves of Kufr!

But hey. Watch out! There sure is hope
If we all hold fast to Allah’s rope
With Iman and determination
Let us create a sensation.
Let us stop this enslavement of minds
For, one who strives is one who finds!

We are the Muslim Ummah-
Tired of this reign of Kufr!


One response to “Ummah Enslaved

  1. Asalam u alaikum
    nice poem… mashallah,an apt narration of our state of affairs

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