What do you do when you have nothing to do?

“Hello, I am Suhail Khan, your host for tonights program…”

Saturday night song request or something… that’s the name of the program.. oh yes. sorry.. I ought to have introduced the program… obviously not everyone is a keen listener of Radio Kashmir’s programs and that too Saturday Night Song request show…

Just because I am writing about it doesnt mean that I am die-hard fan of the radio show, but well I bumped into it while playing with my mobile phone.. I couldn’t help but wait and listen.. what???? this is Radio Kashmir…

Brough back memories of another “english song request” program episode I happened to listen to; some time last year.. that time I could hardly believe that the three people hosting the show were so messed up..

Ok.. I am losing track.. but let me just tell you about that show last winter before I tell you about Mr.Suhail Khans attempt at hosting the show…

The show last year…
We were sitting in the hammam, one of those cold evenings and we happened to tune into this english song request program which was being hosted by three people….
We were trying hard to understand what exactly the three were trying to do.. but well.. it seemed they were talking about a some bollywood movie they all seemed to have watched… by the name..BLACK…

I havent watched the movie, but well have heard it’s a nice one..but well the show was supposed to teach me another thing or two about what makes a great movie!

anyways.. the lady, and the two guys were desperately trying to have a conversation about the movie.. and I remember them saying this about the main actress of the movie..

“And the heroine was mentally blind” [WHAT ??????]

[that certainly makes the movie appear interesting.. I have never had the opportunity to know about people who are mentally blind — but then… maybe they are talking at a philosophical level.. about people who see things but they dont see… the blindness that comes through arrogance… ok. i am getting carried away… but then.. maybe this is what they meant…]

and ofcourse they were talking about what makes a good movie, and one of them said,

“and the film should enjoy us”…

[again I got confused.. I mean.. it is understandable when people/audience enjoy the movie.. but some level of interaction in this movie that actually enables the movie to enjoy us.. or whatever…??? ???? ?????? ]

anyways… it sends my head in a dazed, confused state when I think of the movie enjoying me and becoming mentally blind… so let me just tell you about this poor host who was trying to host the show last saturday…

Saturday the 20th Jan…

As I just told you, I kind of stumbled and bumped into listening to the show.. but this time round I was like.. okay… the host seems quite ok… 🙂
and then the poor host.. I could serioulsy only sympathise with him..

He would ask people.. “How do you do” and many would not know what to say… thinking he is asking them about their job profile…
and then he would get calls from these people all age groups (we had a caller — a class 7 student ..) and some old-young men… who wanted Suhail Khan to guess who they were…(and the host had to pretend that he recognised him!)[hello.. !!!!]

…and then there were people thanking him.. for being their.. “dear friend, best friend… bla bla bla” and what not..

and then he would ask the callers..”What do you do when you have nothing to do”.. it seemed no less than a tongue twister to nearly all of them..and the responses were..well..

never mind….

the show seriously confused me.. I was unable to understand what emotions I am supposed to have.. am I supposed to be upset that we have such a weird crowd calling in.. or feel like arrogance personified.. (so what if they speak the way they do..???.) or should I not feel anything!

but tonight I shall listen to the show and try to “make the show enjoy me”

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